• Hitachi S-520
  • for particle shape and size analysis
  • focused beam of electrons rastered across an area of specimen�s surface from which an image can be viewed
  • two types of electrons emitted from sample surface after interaction with electron beam
  • secondary electrons give detail regarding the topographical features, while backscattered electrons exhibit compositional contrast.
  • in-house gold/chromium sputtering capabilites if required
Please see the Measurement tab for examples of the applications of this instrument.


Hitachi S-520 - Technical Specification


  • Filament: Tungsten
  • Resolution: ~ 6nm
  • Magnification Range: 20 ~ 200,000x
  • Beam Current: 150�A max
  • Accelerating Voltage: 1 ~ 30 kV (1 kV step)
  • Lens System: 3-stage reduction system