• Bio-Rad FTS-6000 and Varian FTS-7000 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers
  • High specification FTIR spectrometer for transmission spectra of gases and solids
  • Beam Condensor for small samples (>5 mm diameter)
  • Various accessories (attenuated total reflection,variable angle reflection, polarization modulation infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy)

Please see the Measurement tab for examples of the applications of this instrument.

Technical Specifications

The FTS6000/FTS7000 Spectrometers are high performance research grade multi-range FT-IR spectrometers capable of both rapid scan and step scan operation, covering the spectral range 11,000-400 cm-1. Their high quality 60o Michelson air bearing piezoscan interferometer features piezoelectric-based continuous dynamic alignment (which simultaneously maximizes the spectral throughput and minimizes the noise in their measurements) and interchangeable beamsplitters (with KBr and quartz beamsplitters available for the mid IR and near IR respectively). The piezoscan interferometer is capable of spectral resolution down to 0.075 cm-1. By using two high wattage water-cooled sources (a standard ceramic source for the mid IR and a Tungsten Halogen source for the near IR) and a two-inch clear aperture through the interferometer, it focuses more than 150 mW of infrared power at the sample. This amount of infrared power is typically more than four times higher than systems based on air-cooled sources and 90o interferometers. They also utilises a patented in-scan co-adding (providing effective 22 bit A/D operation). The result is excellent signal-to-noise performance for low energy applications and enhanced sensitivity.

Consumable items used with this instrument are directly associated with the accessories and hence the costs are given on the accessories page.