For external users, please contact us via the contacts page.


Booking Guidelines for Students (Note: Authorised Oxford Single Sign in required)

1. All users must have been instructed how to use the instrument before they proceed to complete an experiment on their own.

2. The Maximum you may book the instrument for is two days, if you require a longer continuous stint please contact the SAF before completing the booking. The minimum booking is a half day.

3. All bookings must include in the title the users name and their group, please also include contact details (email and telephone numbers) in the message box. To use an accessory its name must also be included in the message box. For the AutoLab please also include which instrument in which you will use it in the location box.

4. Please only book your next stint after you have used your first, hence allowing all users to have an equal chance to use the system.

5. A contact email and/or telephone number must be left so that in the event of any difficulties you can be contacted in advance of your instrument time. Also the precise technique you intend to use should be included so that the necessary accessories for the instrument can be made available.

6. All items that are to be reused must be returned clean and ready for the next user. i.e. burettes must be cleaned using a base bath.

Note: failure to follow these guidelines will result in bookings being removed and/or overwritten and access to the booking site will be cancelled.