Bio-Rad PT7125 Barrel Plasma Etcher


      • oxygen plasma surface treatment including removal of organic materials (i.e. cleaning silica surfaces) and hydrophilic/hydrophobic conversions of both plastics and inorganic materials
      • 150 W 13.56 MHz cylindrical plasma chamber designed to produce an isotropic etch
      • processing parameters (pressure, power and gas flow rates) can be monitored continuously to achieve a reproducible treatment



Technical Specification


Process gas Oxygen
Chamber Dimensions 10 cm diameter x 15 cm long
Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
Maximum Power 150W
Vacuum Measurement Pirani Gauge
Vacuum Pump Leybold Trivac D 10 E (10 m3 h-1)
Base Pressure 4 x 10-2 mbar
Leak Rate < 10-5 mbar ls-1