Operation of the Autolab type II potentiostat/galvanostat

This is a very flexible and instrument, so rather than giving a through explanation of all funtions a brief overview of the general procedure is given here along with links to the software manual and a summary, provided by the manufactures, of the electrochemical methods available with the Autolab.


The software (GPES) manualexplains how to complete all the possible experiments and data analysis. It goes through each command individually explaining its function and implementation.

Electrochemical Methods

In this explanation of Electrochemical Methods each technique is be explained in a concise manner, supplemented with detailed information about Autolabs technical implementation. It is intended to help you find the most appropriate technique and to easily reach an optimal configuration. You should be aware that generally it is possible to select the optimal settings before an experiment; normally it will be necessary to perform some trial runsusing different parameters.

General Procedure

Switch on both interface boxes and then the autolab and then start up the PC (log on and then the Booter should find the autolab if it does not restart the PC). Start the GPES software, in the method menu select the method you intent to execute and then using open procedure command in the file menu open procedure you require. Set the parameters to the values you require in the edit procedure window (then save the procedure if you will need it again). The procedure will start when you click start (during the scan you can rescale the data by pressing F4). Once the experiment is complete save the data by selecting Save scan as in the file menu, choosing a file name and then clicking save. For more detail consult the manual.